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The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

In 1937, aviatrix and female hero Amelia Earhart undertook the feat of flying around the world. At the final leg of her journey, the aviatrix and her mechanic disappeared with little trace. People are still trying to find out what happened to the missing women today. This project investigates the societal phenomenon surrounding the need to solve mysteries. We show the obsessions surrounding finding this missing pilot and investigate why people want to solve these mysteries. This is not the only mystery of its kind, many times in our past people across the world have spent years trying to solve similar mysteries. Why do people find it important to solve these mysteries especially after they have gone unsolved for decades?

This site has open navigation by following the site headers above, but for the best narrative experience follow the pages as outlined in the menu. The exhibits, archive, and timeline all link out to external sites, click the associated button to explore them. This site includes two exhibits. The first exhibit showcases why Amelia Earhart was so influential which lends to the enormous search for the missing pilot. The second exhibit outlines her disappearance, the official search, and the unofficial phenomenon which continues today. Before investigating the search to find her, a timeline is provided which outlines Earhart’s final flight which led to her disappearance on June 3rd, 1937.