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Social Media Layout

Social Media Philosophy

Mission Statement: To encourage viewers to learn about the achievements and cultural influence of Amelia Earhart, the details of her disappearance and the subsequent search, and have viewers reflect why society is obsessed with solving mysteries of this nature.

How Social Media Should Be Used: The social media should be used to…

  • share facts about Earhart’s life and what made her influential
  • show current celebrations of Earhart’s life (Earhart museum, trophies, etc.)
  • discuss theories behind her disappearance (supporting and dissenting evidence)
  • provide information about anniversaries of important dates related to Earhart’s life and disappearance
  • redirect users to websites/organizations such as TIGHAR for more information about the ongoing search for Earhart

The Feel of the Platform: The platform should be more informational, providing facts and dates to viewers associated with Earhart. We do not want discussions as this may further the cultural phenomenon of trying to solve the mystery of her disappearance, but users may comment on posts. The posts would share information about Earhart and give users resources to learn further information about the ongoing search and celebrations of her life.

Social Media Plan

Who Will Be Responsible: Only one person would be required to maintain the social media presence of this platform as it will sharing information and providing resources. This individual could open lines of communication between users and the museums/organizations involved with Earhart.

What Platforms Will Be Used: Platforms for this would be Facebook and Twitter as they are the traditional blog-style platforms and we would not be using images. These platforms would fit well for sharing of facts or resources. Using both Facebook and Twitter allows for a wider reach.

Type of Posts:

  • “On This Day Posts”
    • anniversaries of relevant dates in Earhart’s life
    • bills passed
    • dates related to the search (official or unofficial)
  • Promotional
    • Museums (Amelia Earhart Museum, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian)
    • Universities with digital collections related to Earhart (Purdue)
    • Other archives which can provide more primary sources (LOC, DPLA, National Archives)
  • Sharing of resources
    • organizations such as TIGHAR which participate in finding Earhart
    • these posts will provide an ability for users to learn more about the ongoing search
  • Sharing of newly discovered information
    • new theories
    • evidence supporting/refuting existing theories
    • new expeditions and their findings

Frequency of Posts: The frequency would be approximately twice a week, which gives a steady flow of information/resources without providing an overwhelming amount at a single time.

Plan for Gaining Followers:

  • create relationship with the museums/organizations (we promote them and they promote us)
  • add social media links to wordpress site so they can go there directly to learn more
  • word-of-mouth (encourage users to share)

How will it Be Sustained:

  • consistent content produced once a week to keep users interested
  • ask museums/organizations to promote in their newsletters
  • feature popular posts on wordpress site
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